About Nikkous

Nikkous Crump a native Memphian has made it his mission to help and serve his district and city.
The challenges of being in the foster care system and being adopted taught him perseverance,
endurance, hard work and that Failure is Not an Option! Raised as a foster child and adoptee
taught him that love and compassion can be given by those who simply decides be a change
agent for the good of others.
Nikkous attended Wooddale Middle, Wooddale High School and graduated with his Honors
Diploma from East High School in May of 2011. He attended Murray State University in
Kentucky as a Division 1AA football player for two years. He decided to leave football to serve his
country by the joining the Army National Guard. He served both the National Guard Military and
Active Duty for six years, He accomplished the distinguish rank of E-5 Sergeant. He is an
honorably discharge Veteran as of June 2018. Being a football player and a veteran, has
empowered him lead, follow, plan and execute.
In May of 2016, Mr. Crump graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelors of Science

Degree in Non-Profit Leadership Studies with a minor in Communication. He focused in Non-
Profit because of the social and economic impact the non-profit sector brought to the community

of Murray. His vision is to bring what was learned from a successful model to his district and
Memphis. He has worked with several successful and tenured non-profits such as United Way,
Need Line, and the Humane Society. Also, he has work with local successful non-profits such as
a Youth Village. During this learning phase, Nikkous understands the importance of education,
innovation and community buy-in as tenets to the success of our youth.
After obtaining his B.S.Degree, he enrolled in post graduate studies on a full Fellowship. In
December of 2018, Mr. Crump graduated with his Masters in Higher Education Administration.
He was granted assistantships in Career Services, Cultural and Diversity office. Nikkous Crump
when asked, Why do you want to be a city council member? His response; Because for my
district, Its the Right Time, Right Now!